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Age: 31 yrs
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 106 lbs
Body: Petite
Hair: Long, Blonde
Ethnicity: White
Eye color: Hazel
Orientation: Bi-sexual

About me


Hey guys, It's REALLY me Real Sexi!! The ONLY Real Life Barbie Doll.

I am a perfect, pla$tiK living Barbie Doll. I have long platinum blonde hair, perfect big round boobs, sexy tan skin, and a perfect juicy ass....jut like a Barbie Doll. I can make all your fantasies come true. You can dress me up in any Barbie Doll outfit that you chose for your private show. My shows are one of a kind, no one else can do it like me! ;)

My only official social networking pages are


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Customer comments:

All I can say is you are THE BEST!!!! baby & thanks as always for an amazing show. A scale of 5 stars does not do you justice, we need to make it a scale of 50 for u. Love you always babes.

SoCo247, 16 December in 15:55

She is smoking hot...and the things I would love to do to her....handfuls everywhere the possibilities are endless...xoxo

cnb4u2c, 15 December in 00:58

What can I say, but she is the hottest web cam girl ever hands down, I would put her up against anyone & she would win. Plus she is just the sweetest ever if u treat her right. Sheer perfection & 5 stars will never do her justice. Love ya baby.

SoCo247, 14 December in 06:39

Baddest bitch on the planet. Big ass tits and sexy as fuck. If you don't get a private show just go ahead and admit you're gay.

tyrone13, 14 December in 04:31

Love the new video here on your page babes, very nice touch & very hot as it always is with you. Great job & way to promote. Love it baby & see you this evening, love you always my fave.

SoCo247, 13 December in 12:49

Another amazing red hot show & not just talking about that new bikini. Thanx so much for how incredible you are to me Barbie, you are the absolute best to me in all ways. Your Fave Loves You Always Baby.

SoCo247, 11 December in 15:55

I just love Barbie, she is absolutely amazing & always puts on the most incredible show. Last night was the hottest one we ever had & still thinking of it & so hot. Thanks so much baby, you are the absolute best. Can't wait for our next one.

SoCo247, 9 December in 06:21

hey you hows it going add me to yahoo george_rivas2001 r to georgerivas30 thats of course if you want to,

george30, 9 December in 02:56

Baby you came through with another hot and absolute perfection show as always. You are far and away the hottest, best & sweetest woman on the planet. Never be a better one baby, love you always.

SoCo247, 6 December in 05:42

I love this girl, I have been a loyal VIP for 2 years and still cannot get enough of her!!!!!!! so fucking sexy, if you haven't got a private with her you are missing out!!!

Greatness, 4 December in 04:16

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