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Age: 31 yrs
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 106 lbs
Body: Petite
Hair: Long, Blonde
Ethnicity: White
Eye color: Hazel
Orientation: Bi-sexual

About me


Hey guys, It's REALLY me Real Sexi!! The ONLY Real Life Barbie Doll.

I am a perfect, pla$tiK living Barbie Doll. I have long platinum blonde hair, perfect big round boobs, sexy tan skin, and a perfect juicy ass....jut like a Barbie Doll. I can make all your fantasies come true. You can dress me up in any Barbie Doll outfit that you chose for your private show. My shows are one of a kind, no one else can do it like me! ;)

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Customer comments:

Hey sexy barbie baby..thanks for the private! It was great as usual. And you look hotter and better every time I see you!!! Love you!!!

WillyB, 28 September in 03:28

I have seen alot of hot women in my lifetime but Barbie beats them all. This girl really is perfect. Can't help but to be addicted to her!

Scuff, 20 July in 00:37

Barbie's completely insane body drains my bank account and I love it! Once you have seen her no other woman will do. Its like a drug! As for the show in the skin tight white pants! u'll thank me later

texasbadass911, 4 April in 22:02

The month is not even over and she broke the bank but it was worth every penny!

madxxx, 19 March in 10:20

Your amazing ..I love doing private shows with you and I'm so happy to have met you on here! Your the best barbie!

killerog, 19 March in 10:17

This is the hottest girl to graze the internet! I was speechless after her show. She is damn good at what she does. Word up.

texasbadass911, 24 February in 09:57

Last nights chat was super hot babes & just as amazing as ever & loved the new silver bikini & really look forward to seeing the rest of the new ones. Thanks so much babes for being so incredible to me.

SoCo247, 29 January in 08:23

all I got to say is, holy hot damn(LOL), just when I thought she could not take it to another level. Barbie proved me way wrong. BEST SHOW EVER!!!! thanks so much baby you are just perfection personified and so special to me. love u always.

SoCo247, 21 January in 08:11

Barbie, U R "AMAZING" baby...the absolute complete package; Beautiful Face,Lips,Skin,Legs,...oh I do luv those legs,Incredible ASS, and last but not least,an Incredible Chest!!!!!!!!!!...I could go on an on Baby!!!!!

dbliabli, 21 January in 07:46

OMG Barbie, what more can I say, but you are just the hottest & sexiest & most naughty woman on the planet. Thanks for another 5 Star show & lastly all I say is Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke, bad choice, Barbie destroys that. Love u babes.

SoCo247, 19 January in 07:32

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