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Welcome to SHOWGIRLwebcams FAQ's. Our customer support team has assembled a number of the most frequently asked questions. If you don?t find an answer to one of your question or concern, contact our customer service to get an immediate response.

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What is

SHOWGIRLwebcams is a live video chat site for the most famous and established female models in there respected industry. The chat and video on SHOWGIRLwebcams is live. so you can chat with the ShowGirl, and watch her and chat back and perform just for you! SHOWGIRLwebcams ShowGirls broadcast video live from their homes to yours. Learn more about each ShowGirl by going to their bio page or viewing their sample pictures. Once you've chosen the ShowGirl you're interested in, It is completely free to view the guest chat and sample pictures. If you would like to enter the ShowGirl's chat room and see the video stream, the prices for full access are stated before you enter the chat. Chat fees are a per-minute charge, and are shown in your currency.

How do I find a ShowGirl?

There are a lot of ways to locate a ShowGirl. If you want to access a LIVE ShowGirl then please click on the Who's online page.

If you are looking for a certain type of ShowGirl then please used our Search option.

Are all the videos live?

All of the video chats feature live video. With the live chats, you will be able to talk to and interact with the ShowGirl.

How does the chartroom work?

The ShowGirl has a camera set up on his or her end. When you log into the chat, you can see that the ShowGirl is either LIVE or has her Stream turned off and the only way to get access is to fund your account with a creditcard. You need to have the Flash plug-in for your browser. This is a fairly simple program. If you don't have it, it should be easy to set up. If you do have it, it should provide flawless video streaming.

At the same time as you can see the ShowGirl, you can type chat back and forth with her or him. Some ShowGirls will have a microphone set up to do audio, so they can talk to you!

What is STAR?

STAR is a type of currency (1 STAR=1 unit user currency - e.g. 1 Dollar or 1 GBP) that you can send to the ShowGirl and is not tied to their private per minute rate. If you really like how the ShowGirl is interacting with you, giving STAR is a great way to let them know how much you enjoy them.

How do I talk to the ShowGirl?

When you enter a ShowGirl's full chat, you will see the video on the left, a large chat box on the right, and a small box at the bottom for typing your message. To talk to the ShowGirl, type into the small box, then hit the "Send" button or your enter key to send the message. Your message will appear in the chat box. When the ShowGirl replies to you, you'll see what she said in that box as well.

You can also participate in cam 2 cam option. You must be in an private show with the ShowGirl to use this service. Most ShowGirls who have voice-to-voice chat enabled will have an icon indicating that they offer this service on the homepage.

How do I leave a private show?

When you are ready to leave the chat, you can close the page and you will be disconnected. Billing will end as soon as you've done this. You can leave comments as well as provide rating information based on your session.

What if a ShowGirl doesn't do what I ask?

This is what the free chat is for! ShowGirls are not obligated to do anything you ask, but most are willing and happy to put on a show for you. The free chat is the perfect place to find out from the ShowGirl what he or she will and won't do. These are the most established models broadcasting from their homes, and they will have different likes and dislikes. If you want to check to see what a ShowGirl will do for you, please ask them in the free chat. If they don't want to do it, you can always find another ShowGirl. We have many different ShowGirls with different specialties and interests, so there should be one to fit your particular desire!

What is the maximum amount of time that I can receive the VIP discounted rate?

You can receive the the VIP discounted rate on private shows for as long as you are a VIP subscribed member.


Your SHOWGIRLwebcams Account

What are the different types of memberships available?

If available, you only need an email address to sign up for a free membership and be able to begin chatting with some of our ShowGirls. We also offer a VIP membership that is billed monthly.

With a VIP membership you will be able to chat with any ShowGirl and have other benefits such as:

  • Discounted private show rates
  • Rating ShowGirls
  • Emailing ShowGirls
  • Viewing ShowGirls exclusive photos & videos
  • Access to archived STAR shows

What is the display name used for?

You will be asked to create a display name when you join. The display name is used as your name in the chats and on other areas of the site.

How do the favorites work?

In the My Account section of the site, you can have a list of your favorite ShowGirls.

How do I favorite a ShowGirl?

To add a ShowGirl who is currently broadcasting live to your list, go to their profile page and click on the button that states "Add to favorites".

How do I remove a favorited ShowGirl?

If you want to remove a ShowGirl from your favorites list, you can return to the ShowGirl’s bio page and click the heart icon next to the “Remove” text.

How do I get notified when my favorites go online?

SHOWGIRLwebcams offers the options of receiving emails when your favorite comes online.

I forgot my password, how can I get it sent to me?

If you forget your password, we can help you reset your password via email. Please click the "forgot password" link underneath the login box.

How do I update my contact information?

Please go the "My account" tab and you will see a box to update that information.

How do I change my password?

Please go to the "My account" tab to update your password.

How does the daily limit work?

All users start with a daily limit when adding funds with a credit card. Once you have reached your chosen limit for the day, your account will be marked for fraud review but that does not mean you have committed fraud. However, you may raise or lower this limit when eligible by contacting our support team and providing documentation to verify your identity. This is for card holder verification and all your information is private and secure.

Who do I contact if I need help?

For any questions not answered here, please contact

How do I close my account?

SHOWGIRLwebcams basic services are free of charge, and we do not charge a monthly fee for a free membership ever. However, if you would like to close your account anyway, you can click on contact us button and follow the steps accordingly.

Can I use a prepaid card?

Yes, we accept prepaid cards from many major card issuers (i.e. MasterCard, Visa, JCB, etc)

How do I add funds to my account?

You can add funds with a credit card by clicking on the add funds button. We accept all card issuers.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can add?

The minimum is $25 minimum and we do not have a maximum limit, you can freely add as much as you please.


Technical Support

Do I need a plugin or special software?

Yes, you will need the latest Adobe's Flash Player plug-in to view the chat and video. Flash works on almost every browser and browser version. You may already have Flash installed on your browser. You can test this by accessing the guest chat. If the page loads, you will be able to view all of our services. If you do not have Flash, you will be prompted to download it from this page. Click the Yes button and follow the instructions. You can also download the Flash plug-in here for your computer. To view chat and video on your mobile device, your mobile device must have built-in Flash support. If you have any problem with Flash or viewing the chat and/or video, please contact Support.

We also recommend that you enable JavaScript on your web browser. This will allow for a better user experience when browsing our site. JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings.

To enable JavaScript in IE8, go to Tools -> Internet Options. Select the Security Tab and click on the “Custom Level” button. Scroll down to the “Scripting” category and enable “Active Scripting”. To enable JavaScript in FireFox 3+, click on the Tools menu and select Options. In the Options window, select the Content tab. Check the box next to “Enable JavaScript”.

How do I end my private show?

You can end the chat and stop the billing by navigating to another page.

What happens if i'm disconnected during a private show?

If the chat closes, billing will stop. If it was a technical problem on your end, you should be able to open your browser again and log back into the chat. You will also be disconnected if the ShowGirl leaves the chat. ShowGirls are given the ability to block offensive users from their chat. This block is permanent for that ShowGirl.


Privacy Questions

Is my information safe with you?

Our join form, and any forms on our site where you enter credit card information are completely safe and sent using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a form of safely encrypted communication that passes between your computer and the bank's system. No one has access to your information other than the trained SHOWGIRLwebcams Staff member.

We will not sell, trade, or give your information out to third parties
. To better safeguard your privacy, we recommend that you do not use any part of your email address as your site nickname.

SHOWGIRLwebcams staff will never ask for your account or credit card information in a chat room. You should NEVER give that information to ShowGirls or other visitors in the chat rooms. ShowGirls do not have access to your account or billing information. If there is a problem with your account we will always have you contact us.

If a ShowGirl or anyone else asks you for sensitive information by way of chat or email, please contact us about it immediately as this is against our policy.

What do you do with my contact information?

We require your address information initially to validate your credit card information. We ask that you keep this information up to date so that your service will not be interrupted. We do not give this information out to anybody, and will only be used to contact you in emergencies.

What do you need my email address for?

Your email address is used to verify that a real person is signing up to our site. We also use your email address to email you your account information, such as your login or password. Changes you make to your account may be sent to your registered email address, as well as billing receipts. We may also periodically use email to send you newsletters or special offers about the site.

Your email address is not displayed on our site, and our ShowGirls do not know your address. Your email address will not be sold or given to third parties. We will only use your email address to contact you regarding your SHOWGIRLwebcams account. If at any time you wish to quit receiving email newsletters from us, simply click the remove link included in the email.


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